“Figures in Clay” is about the past as much as it tries to explore the present and the future. One reason for this is that the tradition of figurative sculpture is timeless. From tribal roots to the first city states, sculpture is represented in everything from bone carvings to the early monumental gates and later well known statues decorating civic buildings and private homes in Greece.

From such a vast field of art I have found many junctures of reference. In part this is where my own style begins. Finding a path of continuity is not the only concern. Often my work shifts between figurative masks, female or male figures, as well as couples. Even within these sculptural forms the one reoccurring theme is the expression of humanity, and in most examples the sense of intimacy is expressed in the faces.

My own background includes a B.A. in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I have been working full time as a sculptor since 1986, and have been fortunate to have sold my work in many countries around the globe. Each year I put on an exhibit of my current work. As well, my work is exhibited at the Sunrise Galleries in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.